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Website Design:  Golden Upstager Designs is well-known for creating quality websites that generate traffic.  In fact, the majority of our business comes from requests from new clients to trash their current websites, because those websites did not generate traffic for them.  It continues to be a problem that the vast majority of websites are poorly done in terms of content and search engine optimization / SEO.  If a potential new online customer cannot find your product or service within the first few pages of a search that new customer will be lost to a competitor. . . more

Custom Programming:  Upstager offers customized programming solutions to our clients’ varied requirements by utilizing the most up-to-date technology.  Our technical expertise in the area of custom programming  enables us to develop an application in PHP, .Net, ASP, etc.  Complex e-commerce websites and CMS based websites are our forte.

Logo Creation / Banner Design:   At Upstager, we pride ourselves on being a full-service website design and development company.  From start to finish, we know how to get your product or service noticed online.  The creation of a great logo for your business to use online and off is an intial step that we  offer.  Banner design for both desktop and mobile screens is another important aspect of our business.  An attention-grabbing design for your business banner ad is a must to draw more traffic to your website.

Website Maintenance:  A maintenance plan for your website is critical.   Search engines are constantly looking for websites that have become stagnant.  Once a stagnant website is detected, it is essentially sent to the internet’s equivalent of timbuktu.  In essence, that website becomes buried by page after page of its competitors.  Don’t allow this misfortune to impact your business.  Upstager offers several website maintenance packages with price points that are appealing to most budgets.

Search Engine Optimization  /  SEO:   If you hire anyone besides Upstager to optimize your website, we  will guarantee you that you have wasted your time and your money.  Nine out of ten SEO “professionals” have no idea how to properly optimize a website.  Avoid these frauds.  We are recognized leaders in the skillful application of website optimization.  Upstager is the top-rated provider of SEO services in the Midwestern region.

Link Building:

Professional Advertising:  Our business advertising website,, is one the highest-ranked  online ad sites worldwide.  Through this online advertising resource, we offer both free and paid advertising that directs traffic to your business.  All of our new clients who hire us to create a new website for their business receive premium advertising on at no additional charge for one year.  This is a $200.00 value.

Google Place Ads:  With so many people using mobile phones and navigational devices, you want your business to be found in local search results.  Upstager is the best Google Places optimization expert for this task.  We have the experience and the clientele to back up our claims.  Again, we are the top-rated producer of SEO services in the Midwestern region.

Social Media Set-up and Implementation:  Today, it is imperative that websites must be interactive with all social media.  Social media is key to building customer loyalty for your product or service.

Mobile Marketing:  Let Upstager show you how to ride the mobile marketing wave to increase your business.  Mobile marketing is the new technology boom that will drive traffic to your company or brand.


Website Design / SEO / Social Media Marketing

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