Professional Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is probably the single most important factor of a having a website, because with out proper organic search engine optimization all you have is a business card website which is basically a nice website that can only be found from your own advertising efforts which would include handing out business cards, advertising either online or in your local paper, radio, tv, etc.

Professional Search Engine Optimization - Organic SEOImportance of SEO

It is important to understand that today with billions of websites online there are many websites that are professionally optimized so it is important that yours is done right the first time so potential customers can find you via what you do in addition to who you are.

Important Factors of Organic Search Engine Optimization

  • Competition – How many other website are online in your area that have been properly optimized and what are there rankings, meaning how many ranked websites are linking to them.
  • Social Networking – This is a great way to build incoming links and to advertise updates and services that your company offers,  how many people follow you is an important part of a businesses growth today.  We can set you up with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as part of our service.
  • Google Place Pages – Properly developed place pages are essential in not only immediate traffic but also building new business, unfortunately you also have people that place comments and in todays market if you snore wrong you could potentially get a bad review and have no re-course of course many do provide good reviews also.
  • Yahoo and Bing Pages –  Similar to Google above.

Your online competition makes it even more important to pay attention to your website and if you do not want to do it yourself we are available to do it for you.

Another important part of SEO is building incoming links as this will enable you to obtain rankings beyond local and regional searches and is even more important for highly sought after keywords which normally include shopping websites as everyone including all of the major companies have a shopping website so breaking into this market is much more difficult and gone are the days where you can make a million over night but proper development can bring some fairly immediate results.

Local and Regional Search Engine Optimization

When we talk about local and regional searching we refer to people searching for local businesses ie Columbus, Ohio Auto Repair as an example of a local search or Ohio Travel as regional search, now in some cases local searches may be harder to rank for than a regional search but we can pretty much let you know what your competition is and how long to expect to achieve rankings.

What is good with is we are part of the Golden Advertising Group so we not only can create you a great design and properly optimize your new website but we also have some high ranked websites that we provide you incoming link from so that your new website will obtain local and regional ranking much quicker,  again results depend greatly on your competition.

Organic Search Engine Optimization – Social Networking

Once you have your new website up and running it is essential that you continue to work on building your incoming links either through writing blogs or social networking and always incorporate your website link in all of your online efforts, just get in the habit of doing this every time you post on a website.

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SEO / Organic Professional Search Engine Optimization

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