Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Great you have a website the problem might lie in the fact it has never been updated or possibly optimized in a while, the main thing you need to understand is your website is like your car, if you do not maintain regular updates it simply will not run.  With a website in order to maintain rankings and prevent it from being hacked you will need

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

perform regular updates or have a company like us perform these updates for you.  As with most websites it may not have even been optimized since most website designers do not understand how to optimized a website for rankings.

Let’s assume that your website was optimized though has not been updated for a couple years now, well you are running the risk of the major search engines flagging your site for stale content then those good rankings you had will become worse as time goes on and eventually your site will be filed way down on search engine results.  If you are running a business then you do not want this to happen and we can revitalize your existing website or create you a whole new presence online pending on your budget.

Suggestions for a simple update include:

  1. Re-writing your content and adding some new content to an existing site
  2. Adjusting keywords and analyzing your site compared to other high ranked websites within your sector
  3. Updating or creating new images, updating image tags.
  4. Updating title tags, description tags on your page
  5. Adding Google Analytics so you can see where your business comes from, what age group uses your website and more.
  6. Incorporate social media links in your website.
  7. Building incoming links to your website from similar directories and other ranked websites.
  8. Linking your social media to your website so your potential customers have the ability to interact with you.
  9. If you are using wordpress or other content management systems your pluggins, framework and more need regular updates since if these are not kept up to date your website can easily get hacked and you do not want that to happen.


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