Importance of Website Optimization

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Why SEO is important?

Why is SEO important?

A website is only a website without proper Search Engine Optimization.  To be quite honest the money spent on properly optimizing your website is well spent as on down the road it will be money that will not have to be spent on paying for keywords.

When you are looking for someone to provide a service for you what do you normally do? 

In many cases you will go to a search engine and type in the type of work you want done plus the city you are in.

Example:  Plumber, Zanesville, Ohio

This will produce 10 results on a page usually the top and bottom are paid ads and include the word ads,  all others are non-paid listings which are achieved by optimizing your website.

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How to boost website ranking?

Boosting your Website Rankings

Is your website getting noticed online or is there something else you should do? 

  • Build incoming links is an important way to build rankings which is done through many ways which include, social networks, online classifieds, business directories, blogging and more.
  • Make sure that your website is properly optimized for both location, type of business and relevant keywords to your business.

It is a good idea that you constantly work on marketing your social network incorporating links to your website with all listings.